Feeds & Feeding


Feeds and Feeding Unit is the heartbeat of the Institute as its activities cut across all Programmes and Units that are custodians of livestock including Beef and Dairy cattle, Small ruminants (Sheep and Goats), Swine, Rabbits, Poultry, Camels, horses and donkeys. The Unit is saddled with the responsibility of weekly compounding of 50 – 78 tons of high quality feeds that meet the nutritional requirements for different classes of all the species of livestock available in the Institute.

NAPRI Feed Mill compounds complete quality beef cattle feeds. The feed is formulated in order to meet the requirement of all the class of animals we have at the feedlot .The compounded products are formulated with quality ingredients to provide protein, energy, minerals and vitamins to support growth, production, health and reproduction in order to improve the beef production potential of the indigenous beef cattle.

NAPRI Feed Mill been provides quality feed to the Institute’s dairy animals for improved production of calves for distribution to farmers for upgrading their stock and milk for processing of dairy products. All of our products are formulated with the utmost in quality ingredients to provide protein, energy, minerals and vitamins to support growth, production, health and reproduction of the dairy cattle.

Our horse feeds, are all balanced equine nutrition for all stages of life. When choosing a feed for our horse, we always choose the feed that matches up with the forage we have and fits the activity level, age and/or the condition of the animals.

Feeds and Feeding compounds quality feeds for sheep and goats in the Institute using high quality ingredients and providing protein, energy, minerals and vitamins to meet the animals’ requirements.

The Feeds and Feeding Unit compounds swine feeds to meet the needs of the hogs sold to farmers for the upgrade of their local breeds by continually working with leaders in the swine nutrition industry, The Feeds and Feeding compliments the latest in nutrition technology with the high quality ingredients to provide the Institute animals with the protein, energy, amino acids, vitamins and minerals necessary for peak performance.

The Feeds and Feeding Unit knows that even the largest breeds of rabbits eat only a very small amount of feed each day and so that feed must be of the highest quality and have the most available nutrition. Rabbit feeds begin with the most palatable, digestible ingredients available and then are formulated with vitamins and minerals to be nutritionally complete to meet their needs.

We source the highest quality raw materials for the production of high quality feeds at our feed mill. Our diets are formulated to offer cost effective rations that deliver performance to meet the target set for each crop. The broiler diets are designed to the very highest standard to provide a great looking tasty chicken that are ready in eight weeks time. We also produce a range of specialist diets for breeder farmers, which are formulated to produce the highest quality fertile eggs for the commercial hatcheries. Our layer diets are formulated to produce high quality eggs whilst also giving the laying hen the nutrition required for protection from the elements if ranging outside. Whether a larger poultry or egg producer, we understand the role that a quality feed plays in a poultry program. By starting with the highest quality ingredients and adding the appropriate vitamins and minerals, our poultry feeds are designed to meet the needs of today’s poultry. Our feeds are blended using high quality ingredients, primarily corn, soybean meal, groundnut cake, maize offal, wheat offal, cottonseed cake, etc. Each type of feed is specifically formulated to accomplish optimal performance in the livestock, thereby producing quality livestock and helping to maintain profitability.

Feed Compounding and Grain Purchasing

To produce an immense amount of finished feed requires the purchase of considerable feed ingredients. Over 45 tons of corn, 25 tons of soybean meal, 20 tons of wheat offal, 30 tons of maize offal, 30 tons of cottonseed cake and 20 tons of groundnut cake are purchased monthly from local sources. Other ingredients include vitamin and mineral premixes; major minerals such as calcium, phosphorus (bone meal), and salt.
All incoming ingredients are assessed to determine if they are of the quality and consistency that we demand. Only the highest quality ingredients are used to produce feeds for our animals. Through laboratory analyses, we are able to eliminate poor suppliers and locate any deficiencies in the ingredients. The nutrient content of each ingredient is determined and is used for feed formulation purposes.
Younger animals require high protein and low energy diets; whereas, older animals require much more energy for body maintenance. The individual diets are formulated to ensure that the animals get exactly the nutrients needed for growth and maintenance with as little waste as possible.

Local Grain Buying

We pride ourselves in supporting our local farmers by buying as much of our grain as possible locally.

Production Staff

Our knowledgeable production staff are highly skilled and diligent.

Nutritional Services

We pride ourselves in supporting our local farmers by buying as much of our grain as possible locally We have full time nutritionists who work with us to answer any nutritional questions or concerns in the Feeds and Feeding Units. Our nutritionists also have a network of outside nutritionists, and attend annual conferences to obtain information on current research and issues.