Prof. Mohammed Rabiu Hassan(RAS)

Executive Director's Brief

The National Animal Production Research Institute had a primordial beginning as Shika Cattle Stud farm in 1928 used for selecting indigenous breeds of bulls for breeding native herds. In 1954, research into sown pastures and range management commenced and in 1962 it became Shika Grassland Research Station under the Institute for Agricultural Research of the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. The Decree No 35 of August 27, 1973 and the Research Institutes (Establishment) order of November, 1975 gave birth to the National Animal Production Research Institute on July 1, 1976. The Institute is funded by and financially accountable to the Federal Government but administratively under the Ahmadu Bello University.


The vision of the Institute is to be “a research institute of excellence in the development and dissemination of innovations and appropriate technologies for commercial and competitive smallholder, medium and large scale environmentally friendly animal production systems to ensure animal food security in Nigeria”.


Its mission is to “conduct demand-driven research and training in animal production and dissemination of technologies to animal producers, processors and marketers in an integrated value-chain system to achieve sustainable employment generation, poverty alleviation and improved livelihood in Nigeria”.


Our work will be guided and informed by our beliefs and commitments to:

  • Quality research, teaching and extension for development
  • Impactful community service.
  • Institutional integrity in honest service


In pursuing its mission, the Institute is mandated to conduct research for:

  • Genetic and reproductive improvements of livestock species which include: - cattle, sheep, goats, swine, poultry, rabbits, donkeys, horses, camels, etc.
  • Introduction, selection, propagation and utilization of natural and sown pastures for livestock production
  • Development of animal nutrition packages for maintenance and production of all classes of food animal species

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Curabitur et ligula. Ut molestie a, ultricies porta urna. Vestibulum commodo volutpat.

Research Programme


It conducts research into various breeds of cattle through breeding and selection, and nutritional and management packages. The beef potentials of indigenous breeds of cattle have been classified and cross breeding with exotic breeds is ongoing to upgrade their traits for beef

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Efficient reproduction is of the utmost importance for sustainable improvement of animal productivity and is a critical factor influencing the economic viability of livestock farmers Low fertility is one of the primary constraints hindering the effectiveness of livestock production in…..

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Dairy Research in NAPRI existed before the establishment of the Institute in 1976. It was when the Shika Agricultural Research Station was established in 1928. Dairy research was carried out under the Department of Cattle Husbandry and Biochemistry when the institute was

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Equine & Camel

This is a newly created Programme. The need arose because these species are threatened with extinction. Much of them are transported from the north to the south of the country for consumption while their reproduction has been inefficient. Not much work has been done on them globally. Their

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Feeds & Nutrition

The optimal genetic expression in animals can be obtained when adequate nutrition is provided for them. Various feeds have been evaluated and improved upon to increase their nutritional value for animal production. Forages in all ecologic zones of the country have

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Livestock Systems

This is the Programme that extends the innovations made by the Institute and adapts them to the conditions in which the livestock farmers operate with a view to improving the productivity of the livestock and livelihood of the owners of the animals. They study the traditional

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This Programme is responsible for development of improved strains of poultry for egg laying and meat. The ShikaBrown® egg laying chicken known for its egg quality and resistance to prevailing poultry diseases was developed in the Institute. The Programme liaises with

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Small Ruminant

The Small Ruminant Research Programme started as a Department of Small Ruminants on October 1, 1982 before it metamorphosed into Small Ruminant Research Programme in 1987 when the then DIFRRI (Directorate of Food Road and Rural Infrastructure) gave huge intervention

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